Master Kit


Our master kit, total of 110 pieces and 1 cute handbag. 55 liquid lipstick colors, 32 matte lip stick colors, 4 marbled lip balms and much more!



Wholesale price vary according to volume. Additional discounts will be applied at completion of order. Contact us to negotiate pricing.

This set contains a total of 110 pieces of makeup products. Includes 1 foldable bag.

Content: 55 colors of Liquid Lipstick; 32 colors of Matte Lipstick; 4 Marbled Lipbalms; 3 colors of Foundation in bottle; 1 bottle Primer with gold dust; 1 set of 3 Color Face Powder; 1 set of 3 color Eyebrow Powder; 1 silicone sponge; 5 color eyeliner; 1 compact multi-color contour cream sampler; 1 ingredient list.


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